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Disclaimer: Many of the photographs on these pages are works of fiction and have been altered using Photoshop. They represent images from an alternate history called Drake’s Drum. Nothing in them can be relied on to be real. Although this book is based on historical events it is an invention. Any perceived similarity to any of the people portrayed in Drake’s Drum, be they living or dead, including their actions and the events that occur are entirely coincidental. Although the names of historical persons are used in this book, they are not necessarily the same people that inhabit our reality.

     The photographs are derived from public domain images. Most of the UK sourced images are Crown Copyright which enters the public domain after 50 years. The rest are from one of the following sources; Associated Press, Australian War Memorial, Bundesarchiv, EN-Archive, Imperial War Museum, Library of Congress, US Navy, US Army, US Air Force.

      It is the sincere belief of the author that all of the images used here are in the public domain. If anyone has reason to believe that any of the images used here are, or are derived from, images which are not in the public domain please contact the author.

LURS Final 2.jpg

Above: Both sides used propaganda posters during the Second World War. On the left we have a poster widely distributed in Britain and abroad featuring the Prime Minister Archibald Sinclair. To the right, a German propaganda poster used throughout the Reich and the conquered territories.

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