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British decline in the 20th Century is often seen as something fixed and inevitable. As the United Kingdom’s financial strength ebbed, so did its power, prestige and influence in the world. Yet Britain was never a state in terminal decay. In relative decline, perhaps, but always a vital entity, one that embraced a process of re–invention; that proved ready to change and adapt its methods, its institutions and its structures.


But what if that re-invention had been driven; not by a romanticised internationalism, or a sense of guilt; but by a pragmatic realism that put the British people and the economic health of the British state at the heart of policy?


Published by Sea Lion Press, Drake’s Drum: The Peace of Amiens is the compulsively readable first part of a three book series. It is an immersive, thoroughly researched alternate timeline where British politics, Britain’s wars and the history of the world in the 20th Century turn out very differently from what we know. 

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Available as an e-book and as a paperback!

Available as an e-book and as a paperback!

Coming in 2021!

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Extracts From Reviews of Drake's Drum: The Peace of Amiens

If one were to imagine an academic history of an alternative WWII that had actually happened, this book would be it. A highly credible and very detailed exploration of a very plausible scenario.’

David Kennedy on Goodreads



Sumner has done a magnificent job. Leaves me waiting for more impatiently!

C. Perelli-Minetti on amazon.com



The author has taken the time to really do his research and craft a believable alternate history, without falling into any of the pitfalls of the genre.

Henry D A Roberts on Amazon.co.uk